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Release Note

FLEX-34368 percentWidth for GridColumn

FLEX-34377 Add Chinese translations for all the installers of Flex

FLEX-34376 TreeItemRenderer can in some situations throw an RTE

FLEX-34375 FormItem label doesn't show when formItem visible and

includeInLayout are set FLEX-34353 Focus not going into Flex application when user press

the Shfit + Tab button

FLEX-34347 propagate breakpoint shouldn't throw an NPE when the location is not found

FLEX-34346 BP in mxml inline item renderer shouldn't be consider as Ambiguous

FLEX-34343 Remove the fdbworkers directory before to merge to the develop branch

FLEX-34342 Break and Clear command should accept paths

FLEX-34334 FDB should allow to set / removed breakpoint by default in all existed

and new created instances of a worker

FLEX-34333 print #<number> should be evaluated in the context of the current worker

FLEX-34332 frame should return info in the context of the current worker

FLEX-34324 Operation class improperly builds rest call parameters

FLEX-34315 Building framework 4.12.1 manually does not work due to OSMF uppercase renaming

FLEX-34304 Wrong version of AIR / FP installed

FLEX-34303 Installer licenses refer to wrong product

FLEX-34302 Installer not cleaning up after itself

FLEX-34301 Installer missing javascript directory

FLEX-34300 Installer not installing airsdk.xml

FLEX-34297 FDB set a breakpoint in the wrong file when asked to be set for a file

existing in another Worker

FLEX-34296 Disable and Remove Breakpoint should now respect the Worker logic

FLEX-34295 info breakpoints should now display the worker ID

FLEX-34294 Create a base Class for workers making them debuggable via FDB

FLEX-34292 Can't select another worker while a pending prompt is required

FLEX-34291 Merge the donated FDB with the current one

FLEX-34219 Tooltip displays in a wrong tag

FLEX-34193 Bugs from Spark ColorPicker

FLEX-34131 ResourceManagerImpl bug fix fails

FLEX-34078 mx:DateField and datechange

FLEX-33986 Validator, make "source" property [Bindable]

FLEX-23915 LabelWidth not updating properly in Forms

FLEX-13036 NestLevel never gets set for a control added to a container whilst the

container is not parented if the scrollbars are on

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